Welcome to B. Tree Apothecary!


Bringing the Magic of Healing Plants to You

Introducing an exciting new way to bring herbal medicine into your home:  An Herbal CSA!

Herbal medicine sometimes feels a little bit magic. How can powerful medicine be growing out of cracks in the cement, out of nurse logs in the lush, mossy forest, or in your own backyard?

The process of accessing the healing properties of plants fascinates and delights me.  I’ve been harvesting plants for years, bringing them into my kitchen to steep in hot water, alcohol, glycerin, honey, apple cider vinegar….all the ways I can think of to extract their precious healing properties.  And I was always making too much for my little family to use.  And there’s only so much I can give to friends before they’ve had enough.  But I longed to continue exploring this vast world of beautiful plants and the infinite possibilities of experiencing their healing magic.

And then a friend called me up and told me she had woke up thinking about me and what did I think about doing an herbal CSA.

Yes, I said, that is exactly what I want to do.

So here I am.  I get to grow and harvest plants and make them into medicine and then share it with people who use and appreciate it.  After a few years of this herbal adventure, I know for sure that it is exactly what I want to be doing with my life.

I feel so blessed.