Chest Rub

Breath Deep Chest Rub


First, I visited some very special spruce trees on very special land.  The place where hundreds of sweet children have played for the past 30 years, bringing so much joy, laughter and love. It’s the land of Anne Monaghan’s Nursery Garden, lovingly tended by Anne and Russell and all the families who have been blessed to visit there.

So I took these spruce needles, plus some eucalyptus from my birthday bouquet (the best bouquet ever!), plus some chamomile from my garden that was meticulously gathered and dried by my garden goddess helpers.  I infused these special herbs in olive and coconut oil. Then I added local, RI beeswax to harden it. The essential oil blend is formulated to support your body through your sense of smell, as well as soaking straight into your skin.  When you breathe a strong smell it goes straight into your limbic system and then into your bloodstream. It’s a great way to get herbs into your body! This blend opens airways for deeper, easier breathing.

Suggested Use:

Rub on your chest, neck and the soles of your feet as often as you like.


spruce needles, eucalyptus leaves, chamomile flowers infused in organic olive oil, RI beeswax, essential oil blend