B. Magic

B. Magic Tea blend

This blend is perfect for cold and flu season. It is made with decongestant, anti-viral herbs that help clear a congested head or chest. Peppermint, elder flower, and yarrow are a classic flu remedy that really works! Elder flower supports a healthy immune system and, along with yarrow, helps to regulate fever, aches, and chills. Peppermint and sage help cut through congestion and lemon balm and catnip help to soothe and relax. All together they make a great tasting tea that’s yummy and supportive whether you’re sick or not!

Suggested Use: Steep 1 Tbsp per cup of hot water for 20+ minutes, covered.

Ingredients: peppermint* lemon balm* catnip* elder flower+ yarrow* sage* licorice+

*grown and harvested in Rhode Island with love and without chemicals. +organic

B. Glorious


This blend was born out of the lovely calm that comes with harvesting flowers.  Their colors, their smell and those pollinators(!) all create a dreamy haze of beauty.  The bees were covering the lavender bushes as I carefully gathered a few bundles, they were hiding in the beach roses while we harvested on the summer solstice and they were zooming through the meadows as my kids and I got to meander through Hidden Meadows Farm this year with our friend Heidi, leisuring picking red clover.




The chamomile is a self-seeding hedge of volunteer blossoms at Cathy and George’s land where I garden. We are so blessed by its abundance! I try to plant it in my garden beds, but it remains straggly and rarely self-seeds. Then a few feet away, mixed with clover and grass it carpets the ground, coming back every year.







For summer blends I like to use mint and lemon-scented herbs because of their cooling and uplifting properties. The mint this year came from the orchards at Earth Care Farm and the garden of my friend Jeanne who lets it send out its copious runners wherever it pleases. 

As for lemon, I added every lemony herb that I grow. They are all uplifting as well as anti-viral.  I started growing lemon verbena last year and its smell is tied in first place as my favorite scent ever.  And I finally have thriving lemon balm, thanks to my friend Sara K who brought me her volunteer lemon balm that was taking over. I’m so happy to have it taking over my garden! 

To all these lovely beginnings, I added deeply nourishing, calcium-rich oatstraw and oat tops. Plus some nervous system support with skullcap and chamomile. The result is a cooling and uplifting yet calming walk through a flower garden. Imagine how it feels to deeply smell a beach rose: that inner peace, contented smile, refreshing beauty….that’s what I’m going for here. Let’s all be glorious this summer. You can choose with or without a dash of freshly dried stevia.

Suggested Use:

Steep 1 Tbsp. per cup of boiling water for at least 20 minutes with a lid. The longer you steep it, the more minerals will be infused into the water, and I think the taste improves. You can even steep it overnight for the full nutrient value. And try it with cold water as a sun tea!


mint* lemon balm* oatstraw+ lemongrass* red clover* lemon verbena* chamomile* skullcap* rose petals* oat tops+ lavender* stevia*

16oz. $13

*Grown and harvested in RI with love and without chemicals        +certified organic



B. Clear Tea Blend

Freshly harvested nettles!


Yes, to be clear. To be open and moving and free. These are the qualities this tea brings in as our bodies awake from their winter stagnation.  Nettles, dandelion and cleavers are all supporting our bodies to flush out the old and make way for the new. These spring weeds, plus alfalfa, make a mineral packed powerhouse of spring time energy.  Holy basil (tied with nettles for first place as my favorite herb) is the great balancer in a group of plants known as adaptogens. Adaptogens support our bodies to adapt to stress of any kind (even the simple stress of a change of season). It also supports immune and respiratory function and sharpens memory.  The sage helps clear out the sinuses and the licorice enhances the action of all the other herbs, plus adds its silky sweetness to balance all that green vitality. Yum.

Suggested Use:

Steep 1 Tbsp per cup of hot water for 20+ minutes, covered. The longer it is steeped, the more minerals are extracted. You can even let it steep overnight.

Ingredients: nettles, alfalfa, tulsi (holy basil), dandelion leaf, cleavers, sage, licorice (licorice is optional).

B. Radiant

B. Radiant


This is a blend of cooling and nourishing herbs, providing extra vitamins and minerals for these active months, helping you shine to your full radiant potential.  Especially now, we all need a little more nourishment and a little more light in our lives.  Coronavirus time has been so demanding in so many ways: all the decisions we have to make to keep ourselves and our communities safe, all the time stuck at home away from our friends and support networks, and possibily even battling the virus itself in all its forms.  Plus, now we have an enormous upsurge of unrest as we once again are confronted with the realities of racism in this country.  Even if you haven’t been to a protest or read much about this pivotal time in our history, I think every person is feeling the heightened energy and intense vibration of this movment.  And if you haven’t engaged yet, I highly recommend starting with self-education by checking out this link. We can all do our part in creating a world of peace, harmony and compassion for every living thing.

With all of this unpredictable shifting and accelerated momentum in our world, we need extra vitamins and minerals to support our movement into our new paradigm. 

Raspberry leaf is in incredible abundance this year, lushiously covering our grape arbor and poking its spiky head in between the planks of my friend’s deck.  Whenever a plant is particularly abundant in your life, it usually means that you can benefit from its healing properties or energetics.  Raspberry leaf is one of the richest sources of iron, supporting a body that is anemic and low energy.  It is also one of the highest herbal sources of niacin as well as manganese, which supports connective tissue health.  Raspeberry leaf is used as a female reproductive tonic, supporting the healthy functioning of the entire genitourinary system. It is a superior herb during pregnancy and its astringency helps with diarrhea, dysentery and excessive menstruation.   



Red clover is also more abundant this year than I’ve ever seen it.  The patch we pick from at Hidden Meadow Farm in West Greenwich is thickly covered in pink puffs of color, buzzing with pollinators.  This flower and its leaves are also rich in minerals, especially calcium, nitrogen and iron. Something new I learned this year is that it it is helpful in promoting healthy lung health and helping soothe various lung complaints.  It is also wonderful at helping to detox and purify the blood, aiding in all manner of skin conditions.


The spearmint, lemongrass, lemon balm, hibiscus and orange peel give this blend a cool and fruity energy that’s delicious as an iced tea.  Plus the hibiscus and orange peel add another important vitamin: Vitamin C!  As for the cooling properties of this tea, it’s pretty well established that mint is cooling. Just think of sucking on a candy cane or a breath mint: with each breath you can feel the cold air in your mouth.  It’s also uplifting, as is lemon balm. They have a cheerful quality that lifts the mood and helps your spirits soar. Plus, those lemon-flavored herbs are all powerful anti-virals that keep your body healthy.

  I added just a pinch of freshly dried stevia leaves for a subtle sweetness. Even folks who don’t like the taste of concentrated stevia do like this tea.  


Suggested Use:

Steep 1 Tbsp. per cup of boiling water for at least 20 minutes with a lid. The longer you steep it, the more minerals will be infused into the water, and I think the taste improves. You can even steep it overnight for the full nutrient value. And try it with cold water as a sun tea!


spearmint*  raspberry leaves*  lemon balm*  alfalfa+  orange peel^ red clover*  hibiscus+  stevia*

*grown and harvested in RI with love and without chemicals

^organic and hand-dried in RI with love          +certified organic

38g of loose leaf tea blend.   $12


B. Love Tea

B. Love Tea Blend


This autumn is all about unconditional love.  I’ve created three products that are designed to help lift the heart and wrap you in a big hug, reminding you that you are loved, held and appreciated.  This tea blend highlights one my favorite herbs, Tulsi (aka Holy Basil), which is the great balancer, helping the body adapt to stressors of all kinds. So as your body comes into greater balance, the other herbs help to open and support the heart.  Hawthorn strengthens the physical heart and helps to regulate blood pressure, as well as helping to soothe the emotional heart and bring a sense of open-hearted well-being. Damiana is often thought of as an aphrodisiac, but is also a powerful nervine, helping to soothe symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.  It is really an herb to promote self-love.

So blessings on your dear heart. May you feel held in unconditional love and support.


tulsi, hawthorn leaf and flower, damiana, cinnamon, violet leaf and flower, rose petals

B. Dreamy Tea

B. Dreamy Tea Blend


This is my daughter’s favorite tea. It has warming spices in it, making it a perfect blend for the cold weather. The rooibos adds a full richness to the flavor and a big antioxidant boost. Then I added sleepy time herbs to make it a relaxing end of the day way to unwind. It is very soothing to the nerves, calming to the belly and yummy to the taste buds! Plus I put in mugwort to enhance dreams and aid in remembering them. So sweet dreams, friends!

Suggested Use: Steep 1 Tbsp per cup of hot water for at least 20 minutes.  Adjust amount of tea and time to taste. Spice increases with time!

cinnamon, ginger, rooibos, skullcap, catnip, chamomile, mugwort, rose. 16oz